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4F to become a new partner of the Slovak Olympic Committee

During the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, the Olympic athletes from Slovakia will – for the first time – wear sportswear prepared by a team of 4F designers and technologist. This is another cooperation of the brand with sport in Slovakia – 4F has been providing sportswear for the national team of the Slovak Biathlon Association since 2018.


The agreement concluded includes the design of sportswear for athletes, coaches, and persons who are part of the Olympic staff for Tokyo 2020, the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, and for events such as YOG, EYOF Beach Games, or European Games. The Slovak Olympic Committee is the seventh committee for which the Polish brand provides sportswear. So far, 4F has been the provider of sportswear for athletes from Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland, and Serbia.


The cooperation with the Slovak Olympic Committee is a momentous event for the 4F brand. We have combined our forces to design a collection that meets the needs of Olympic athletes and their coaches. I am proud of this project and hope that our clothes will appeal to not only athletes, but also their supporters. The agreement we have signed is an important step for the entire company. We opened the first 4F shop in Slovakia in 2016, and we have been gradually increasing our presence on the Slovak market since then, says Igor Klaja, President of the OTCF S.A. Management Board.


I fully believe that our cooperation with 4F will be primarily appreciated by our athletes who will wear new and functional sportswear meeting even the strictest validation criteria. Our first collection to be released within the framework of this partnership will be presented by our athletes in February at the European Finals in Sarajevo. The importance of this cooperation will also be strengthened by the prepared and long-awaited collection for our Olympic team at the Olympic Games held in Tokyo in 2020. This interesting collection in terms of design and inspired by history, folklore and traditions characteristic of Slovakia is based on the modrotlač print as the central factor enriching the collection. In this way, we follow the so-called folk element vzor čičmianskeho, which is typical of one specific region in Slovakia. However, the idea of transferring elements of folk culture to sportswear also includes the modrotlač print, which is not only characteristic of a specific region but also of Slovakia as such, says Anton Siekel, President of the Slovak Olympic Committee.

Clothes inspired by national colours

The Slovak Olympic Committee is involved in the entire process of designing the collection, which is dynamic, brims with modern technology, and is based on materials of the highest quality. When designing clothes, our priority is to provide the highest possible comfort for athletes and to ensure that our clothes are in line with national colours. To make the collection, we will use breathable and quick-dry fabrics in order to ensure that athletes feel comfortable wearing our clothes irrespective of whether they are preparing for their competitions, or they are resting. The colours are based on the colours of the national flag of Slovakia, i.e. white, blue and red. In addition, the Olympic collection features traditional Slovak symbols. Modern, simple, and yet functional shapes – when combined with vivid and strong colours – make collection elements not only consistent, but also timeless.

The first 4F shops in Slovakia were opened in Poprad and Žilina in 2016. Currently, 4F has six own shops and plans to open more in 2019, including in Bratislava.