Make your mrk.

Highlight your style with MRK shoes.


MRK shoes are inspired by bridge designs, especially by Mariinsky bridge in Kharkov. Just like load bearing structures and scaffoldings, the shoe design is light and slim, but each of its elements still has a very specific role to play.

MRK are multi-sport shoes for everyday use. They are made of breathable engineered mesh with density that varies depending on the sweat zone. The sole and the counter have been enhanced with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) elements that stabilize the heel and the metatarsus. The bellows tongue ensures a better fit and increases comfort of use. The sole is complemented by the Pyramid System, tapes that surround the instep and ensure the shoe fits well. The mid-sole made of MD rubber foam has been connected with the rubber tread for improved traction.

MRK shoes are available in 9 color versions, 4 women’s and 5 men’s.

Make 4F your own. Choose exactly what you need and wear it your way – for pleasure, to fit your style, to feel great. Let your every step make a mrk. Complement your style – choose your MRK.