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Be visible even after dark.

Discover a monochrome colour palette which will make you shine.

Graphic Paths is a women's running line in monochrome colours. Graphic combinations of universal black and white as well as light grey and dark melange highlight linear abstractions featured in the printed designs. Graphic Paths is a line which encourages running at different times of day. The abstract printed designs developed using reflective technology remain visible after dark. The line responds to minimalistic trends in sportswear; soft colours are contrasted against reflective motifs, which allows for highlighting the advanced features of the product even more.

The reflective printed designs improve safety as they enhance the runner's visibility at night. The light, linear surfaces are eye-catching after dark.


The Graphic Paths line offers a range of technology solutions and practical features. 


- 4F Dry

- flat seams

- glued seams

- laser cuts

- reflective 360° printed designs



- headphones outlet

- semi-lock zippers

- laser-cut ventilation openings

- pockets in leggings made of breathable material preventing the sweat from getting into the pocket

The collection is perfect for both beginner, intermediate and experienced, demanding runners.


4F Man

Run at your own pace and in your own style

The city at night is an inspiration for the District Runner


The District Runner is a runner who works out in their immediate area to later take part in a city marathon. Running after dark requires special features – reflective 360 will help you remain visible while the energetic orange and cobalt will give you the power to handle more demanding routes. A loose cut, non-obvious colours and fascination with the city dynamics – all of this creates the image of a stylish runner for whom the city has no secrets.

Explore the non-obvious side of the city

The District Runner line is designed for those who like to explore the city during evening workouts or have the time to run only in the evenings. The colour palette includes black, which is associated with the night, combined with the energising neon orange and cobalt. The line is complemented with reflective silver elements in the 360 technology. This means that the reflective elements are placed in the front, on the side and on the back so that the runner is visible. 



The main technology is 4F Dry, which ensures dryness and comfort even during intense running workouts. The reflective elements help you remain visible after dark to people and vehicles while mesh panels in strategic places ensure additional ventilation. A loose cut enables freedom of movement, whereas flat seams eliminate abrasions. The District Runner line is made of ultra-light materials so that nothing disturbs the runner during long workouts. The trousers and shorts use the 4way material, which works in 4 directions.


Become a runner

The District Runner line is dedicated both to amateurs, who are only just starting their running journey, as well as advanced runners who have practised the sport for years. The basic tops and long, ultra-thin, loose-cut 4-way trousers will be perfect for beginners. For an advanced runner, a competition set is offered, which includes a loose sleeveless top and flexible shorts with internal underwear.

District Runner is dedicated to all men seeking functional and modern solutions for warmer days and for running both during the day and at night.


4F Man

Run whenever you want to

A line for unstoppable runners


The Forceful Runner line is a nature-inspired combination of neon lime and navy blue with printed designs imitating modern camouflage. The line is enriched with the reflective technology, which ensures the runner's visibility after dark. The clothing features the slogan unstoppable, which confirms that the runner cannot be stopped regardless of weather conditions or tiredness. 

The Forceful Runner line uses the following technology:

- 4F DRY

- reflective

-  ventilation in strategic places in the form of mesh panels

- flat seams

The outfits are made of ultra-light materials so that nothing disturbs the runner during long workouts. The trousers and shorts use the 4way material, which works in 4 directions.

The line is dedicated to various weather conditions as well as different times of day (visibility after dark) and places (indoor/outdoor). 

The Forceful Runner line is dedicated to those who are aware of their needs during workout. It will work fine during both daytime and night-time workouts. The diversity of products enables the line to address the needs of both beginners and advanced runners.