Feel the energy from colours.

Sportswear for unstoppable women

Chromo Active is a line dedicated to energetic and bold women, who are not afraid to take up new sport challenges and like to express themselves through intensive colours. The energy coming from colours gives you strength during intense workouts. With light materials that discharge moisture and quick-dry finishings (4F Dry), the skin remains dry. Flat seams, which work with the flexible knit, do not abrade the skin or hinder movements, whereas mesh panels and laser-cut openings improve ventilation and, consequently, the quality of the workout.

The Chromo Active line is designed to combine products into various sets. A diverse product range – sports bras, tops and leggings in fashionable, energetic colours look excellent on your body during intense workouts. In Chromo Active, colours are combined in several ways – in geometric allovers or delicate gradients, and each of them represents a different intensity of light.

The line is dedicated to both basic and intermediate workouts, as well as to all women who appreciate the comfort of use and look for fashionable solutions.



4F Man Gym Ninja

Think outside the box – dare to opt for colour

A line inspired by the modern man

The Gym Ninja line is sportswear for bold men. The line is inspired by a combination of minimalism and modernity. Block combinations of dark burgundy and intense, energetic orange, enriched with minor colour details such as small, local, embossed printed designs with a subtle gradient, are an essence of minimalism in a modern form.

Sportswear for men who are not afraid of the new

 The Gym Ninja line is sportswear for men who work out at the gym most of the time.  It is dedicated to men who are aware of their style and needs, who follow trends, and who are not afraid to choose bold and non-obvious colour combinations. A Gym Ninja man also pays attention to the quality and functionality of the clothing. The soft, flexible materials finished with flat seams do not cause abrasions while mesh panels and knitted structures ensure ventilation of the body areas which are most prone to sweating. The line allows for preparing the most complete workout figure and mixing the products according to one's individual preferences.

Technology and features

The Gym Ninja line is filled with technology to ensure highest use comfort during workouts. 4F Dry discharges moisture from the skin surface and works perfectly during intense workouts, whereas 4F Warm provides warmth during warm-up and after the workout. Additional technology, such as 4 WAY STRETCH & ULTRALIGHT, used in knitted shorts and trousers prevent the outfits from hindering movements and make them comfortable to wear.

The line is dedicated both to beginner and advanced workouts. For those who are only starting their workout journey, LOOSE T-shirts have been developed. These are loose, knitted, sheer shorts and trousers without brush (DRY technology) which do not hinder movements while masking bodily imperfections. For men who work out regularly, the following items and cuts are dedicated: SLIM; LONGSLEEVE, which clings to the body, and SEAMLESS with structural panels ensuring better ventilation in critical places during workout; leggings with flat seams to prevent abrasions; or light 4-Way Stretch shorts and trousers.