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Relief for the mind, harmony for the body. A line inspired by the colours of nature.


The Skin on Skin line offers clothing for women doing yoga. Soft toned powder pink is contrasted against classic black. Certain Skin on Skin products have been enriched with a print inspired by flowers, which give them a romantic and delicate touch.  Details include satin, pink-gold colour, slightly gleaming printed designs. The Skin on Skin collection gives the impression of the second skin by perfectly matching your body.


The yogis who have found perfect harmony

The line addresses the needs of women who look for comfortable clothing ensuring freedom of movement. The collection includes products for those who prefer tightly fitting clothes (second skin) as well as loose ones for women who prefer casual style. The diversity of products, the ability to adjust forms and length of sleeves and leggins legs allow for creating a set perfectly matching one's body and personality. In selected leggins models, special finishing of lower legs has been used, which can be put under the foot.


The clothing which remains invisible

Soft fabrics, pleasant to the touch, make the woman wearing Skin on Skin clothes feel light. The collection features soft and breathable fabrics such as Tencel and Lyocell. The underwear, leggins and tank top developed using the 4F Skin seamless technology do not hinder movements while ensuring comfort, which enables you to focus on doing the asanas only. The collection is complemented with functional accessories, e.g. pastel shakers and a mat bag.

Skin on Skin is a line dedicated to women who are only entering the world of yoga as well as to those who have been doing it for years.