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Retro-style cycling.

The Retro Race collection is inspired by the retro fashion, but presented in a modern way with the use of technology. The line meets the following needs:

Safety – the Retro Race line is designed to ensure that reflective elements are placed appropriately, so that the cyclist remains visible even after dark.

Ergonomics – to ensure the cyclist’s comfort, the 4F team carefully analysed the position of the body when riding a bicycle, taking into account the influence of atmospheric conditions and the distance cycled. Comfort is the key – padding that eliminates the sense of discomfort while cycling, and conveniently placed pockets for essential items.

Quality – the collection features very light, breathable fabrics with quick-dry properties. One new item is a T-shirt with UPF finishing. The collection includes models with flat, flexible stitches.

Design – the entire collection is inspired by the fashionable retro style. However, saturated colours, expressive prints and technical solutions give it a modern feel. Both women’s and men’s collections are stylistically and technologically consistent.