4F Running AW19 (2)

Run as you like - at your own pace, in your own style.

Running AW19

4F Woman

Run as you like - at your own pace, in your own style.

Empower up it’s a women’s running clothing line in energetic colours. A mix of deep, intense orange, and neon pink is only for women who are not afraid of fancy color combinations.  Intense colours do the job, but the line keep it classy with black and white elements.  The Empower up is perfect for those who run on a treadmill as well as those who prefer outdoor activities. Choosing from the wide range of possibilities including 7/8 length leggings, T-shirts with or without sleeves, bras with high support, sweatshirts and long sleeves makes finding a perfect clothing set which suits your expectations nice and easy. Reflection technology has been applied in each of the products. Reflective elements keep you safe and visible after dusk so that outdoor training is not a problem anymore.


In the Empower up line, a number of technological solutions was applied: reflective elements increase the level of safety; lightweight materials make the products almost not perceptible; flat, glued seams eliminate the risk of abrasions while the 4F Dry technology removes moisture leaving your skin dry.

The Empower up line has been designed with the highest comfort of users in mind. Reflective imprints are made in different colours, so that the function is not visible at a glance. The products contain zippered pockets with a semi-lock blockade.

The collection is perfect for beginner, intermediate and experienced, demanding runners.

The Empower up line has also a sport-style aspect; ideal after-training and on a daily basis. 

4F Man

Run on your own, as you like.

Crossing the line is a running clothing collection for men who like to set and realize their goals. The collection is in classic black and energetic red, adorned with elements of grey and neon orange. Crossing the line is  inspired by the urban space, full of interesting places, the thing expressed by geometric prints. Vivid colour combination (red and orange) responds to current trends in sports fashion. Crossing the line is an offer for men who train both on the treadmill and outdoors. Among the products you can find short and long trousers,  T-shirts, long sleeves and hoodies.  The variety of the assortment allows to prepare an ideal set of clothing adjusted to weather conditions and runner's preferences.


Crossing the line uses 4F Dry technology, assuring dry and comfort even during intensive training.  Flat seams minimize the risk of abrasions and lightweight materials give you comfort during long training sessions. The products use reflection technology so that the runner was visible after dusk. 

The line is dedicated to runners with various levels of experience. It is perfect for beginner, intermediate and experienced, demanding runners.