4F Training AW19 (1)

Work out wherever you want, the way you like.

Training AW 2019

4F Woman

Green energy and floral motifs inspired by the jungle

Active Roots is a line inspired by tropical plants. Apart from green, the colors of the collection are classic black and energetic fuchsia. All the products from the Active Roots line use the 4F DRY technology, which quickly removes moisture to the outside, giving you a feeling of comfort. The T-shirts are made of transparent qualities and mesh-structured material, which allow even better air circulation. The high-support bra provides the breasts with stability during intensive workouts. The leggings have a strip of welded materials, which slims your figure and stays in place throughout the training session.

The Active Roots line is designed for women who do not compromise – who want to work out in top quality clothing while looking feminine and fashionable.


The power of nature – a line inspired by the blue of the ocean

Icy Blues is a women’s training line inspired by the colors of water – from pale blue to navy blue – as well as the digital pattern of ocean waves. The line offers a wide variety of tops: from the training bra and top with mesh elements, through boxer shorts, to the casual T-shirts with raglan sleeves and a drawstring waist. The collection is complemented by double-layer shorts and training leggings, which use perforated materials for better ventilation and welded strips that hold the product in place. The entire collection uses the 4F DRY technology, thanks to which your skin remains dry even during intensive workouts.


4F Man                                                                                

Work out wherever you want, the way you like – release your energy

Endurance & Strength is sportswear for men who value solutions that are not obvious. The line’s hallmarks are the linear prints and the saturated, bold planes of colors. Regardless of the level of advancement, every man will find the right training set for themselves in the Endurance & Strength line. The products in the collection use the 4F DRY technology, which removes moisture and leaves the skin dry. Those who exercise regularly will choose the close-fitting products in which the 4F SKIN technology has been applied – the clothes fit tightly to the body and emphasize individual muscle groups. Those who are only just beginning their adventure with training will choose the loose-fitting, light T-shirts that do not restrict movement.


No pain, no gain – training clothing for unstoppable men

No pain, no gain is a men’s training line designed for all those who want to work out at the highest level but, at the same time, look fashionable during the exercises. The line is based on simple forms and subdued colors.

The inspiration for the No pain, no gain line were abstract, organic prints as well as an unconventional combination of blue and dark muted navy. The collection uses soft, flexible materials as well as panels and gussets made of structural meshing, ensuring excellent ventilation during intensive exercises. The ergonomic, flat seams improve freedom of movement when working out, and reduce the risk of abrasions. All the products use the 4F DRY technology, which ensures dryness and quick moisture removal. The sweatshirt uses the 4F WARM technology that will work well during outdoor training.