4F Sportstyle AW19 (8)

Sportstyle AW19

4F Woman

Body waving

The sportstyle Body waving line is a modern vision of the maritime trend. The collection features the motif of waves contrasted with light on the surface of water. Shades of blue combine with navy and white in graphical compositions, and the jackets, leggings, and shorts are covered in a digital pattern of sea waves. The sports aesthetics are evident in the applied colors, cuts, and prints. The complete range of items allows you to create outfits for summer leisure or physical activity.

Divine lines

Divine lines is a modern urban image enriched with technical details. The inspiration for the line was streetwear. Monolithic forms in pastel colors have been lightened up with neon contrasts. The line is dedicated for women who like simple forms but who do not avoid expressive, graphic connections.

Perfect glitch

Perfect glitch is a collection prepared in the cool tones of navy blue and cobalt blue, which have been warmed up with neon lime-colored accents. The prints on selected models of T-shirts and sweatshirts show a gradation of colors. The collection includes sweatshirt models that match various figures, sports dress models, leggings with the 4F DRY quick-drying finish, and cotton trousers. The subdued colors combined with sophisticated patterns and shapes allow to create a modern, multidimensional style.

Empower up

Empower up is an energetic continuation of the jogging line of the same name. In the line, the trend of block color combination can be seen. Pink and burgundy are juxtaposed with white and black. The geometric cuts break down the shapes of the oversize sweatshirts, while the side stripes along the legs of the trousers and leggings slim your figure.

Art of street

Art of street is a combination of art with the city, and history – with modernity. Symbols of ancient sculpture are juxtaposed with modern typography and blockiness. The distinctive color of the collection is red, complemented by a melange of black and white. The collection includes timeless cuts of tops, as well as a modern top with a stand-up collar and side stripes along the sleeves.

4F Man


The main theme of the line are the monochromatic color contrast and strong block cuts. The colors of the collection are a palette of black, white and grey, with a strong cobalt blue accent. The inspiration for the line were parkour and the urban geometry of concrete streets. Street art can be seen in the dynamic local prints, prints on the entire surface of the clothing, and the variations of the logo. Apart from trousers of various lengths, T-shirts, and sweatshirts, the collection includes caps and kidney bags that harmonize with the colors of the line.

The lost world

The lost world line is a combination of energetic orange, black, and burgundy. The main theme of the line is an original volcanic print that appears on the T-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as linear prints depicting a map of the world. Apart from T-shirts, sweatshirts, and trousers, the collection includes a technical parka with synthetic insulation as well as a 3-in-1 membrane jacket (NeoDry 8000) with a detachable down jacket and a detachable hood.

Mossy camouflage

Mossy camouflage is a proposal of camouflage inspired by learning about nature in a misty landscape. The color palette is khaki combined with white and navy blue, as well as blue. The camouflage can be seen as local prints as well as prints on the entire surface of the clothing. Apart from T-shirts, sweatshirts, and trousers, the Mossy camouflage line includes jackets with insulation, e.g. an urban coat with the technical Primaloft Gold filling and a DWR finish, and a jacket filled with synthetic down with welded quilting, a detachable hood, and DWR finish.

Night riders

Night riders is a line that alludes to the dynamics of night races and night lights in the city. The line is distinguished by thick, warm sweatshirts with a kangaroo pocket and a high neck, as well as T-shirts with prints in contrasting colors and a creative approach to typography. The collection is complemented by a jacket with the NeoDry 5 000 membrane and glued seams on the hood, shoulders, and sleeves.

Run the city

The Run the city line is a proposition for fans of the urban style. Timeless forms of sports sweatshirts, sweatpants, and T-shirts in shades of red and cobalt blue based on gray have been diversified with typographic prints and dynamic accents – side stripes and panel forms.